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We are located in Salem, Oregon.


At an early age, growing up in Ventura, near California citrus orchards, Paul nurtured his collecting passion of colorful and then plentiful crate labels. In the early 1980s he began buying, selling and trading labels.

Paul and Mika opened their first antique mall space in 1988, and started selling nicely packaged vintage labels at Antique Society in Sebastopol, California. Since then, many store locations from Seattle to Northern California, offering a wide variety of vintage, original labels for collectors, home decorators and designers.

Paul enjoys traveling backroads (such as Route 66) visiting small towns looking for roadside Americana, vintage paper items, vintage milk cartons, toasters, root beer mugs, etc. Mika collects old glass buttons. Together they search for vintage restaurant ware for their diner display.


We are not hiring a new shipping assistant at this time.

Cody, shipping assistant (2000?-2016)

After serving a brief sentence at the local Humane Society jail, Cody turned her career around by earning a degree in obedience. She joined forces at LabelCollector in May, 2001.
She worked at our Shipping Department, supervising all aspects of our packing/shipping/delivery operations, including route guidance to and from the post office, back-seat traffic control, immediate notifications of incoming mail deliveries, separation and removal of cushion materials, and bubble wrap popping for waste reduction.

Cody was a Border Colllie mix with some Australian shepherd and dingo in her blood.

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Cody Jarmusz
Supervisor, Shipping Department



Cody working at Shipping Department

Cody working at Recycling Department