About Vintage Labels

midsize-bwindustryThe paper labels, available in our online store, are the unused clean vintage stock, left forgotten in old packing houses of the produce industry, or saved otherwise and passed on.
by-themes7001.jpgWe offer the actual, authentic vintage fruit crate labels (not fake copies) that were intended to be glued to the front side of wooden crates for the produce brand identification.  Condition is mint, unless otherwise noted in the individual listing.  Our online catalog reflects our current stock on hand. (Less perfect pieces are also available for art reference and craft projects.) 
Vintage Fruit Crate Labels are packaged individually for mint condition protection and preservation.
  • We have been acquiring unused old labels left in storage from farm towns across the US, as well as some foreign countries.
  • The graphics on the labels reflect the American commercial art trends of the 20th century.
  • Colorful vintage labels frame beautifully for interior decoration.
  • Or, enjoy collecting them in albums.

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We are located in Salem, Oregon.